Mobile Antennas and Tuners

4002 top view            Picture1
 4002/4006 top view    4002 installed on a vehicle


Lencom has a range of automatic HF antenna tuning units (ATUs), and the mobile whips and bases to match.

The 4002 and 4006 are fully automatic antenna tuning units (ATUs) designed specifically for mobile operation, and differ only in whip lengths that can be tuned.

1004 and 1006 antenna packages are designed specifically to complement Lencom ATUs, and the 4010 antenna is a military-specific product.

Lencom also manufactures a broadband 30 – 88MHz mobile antenna, with the same rugged construction as the HF antennas.


Since 1984, Lencom has supplied innovative HF antennas and associated products world-wide.

The company was founded on technical innovation and has developed quality antennas for HF Radios for over twenty years.

Lencom supplies major OEM companies, whose customers include government departments, aid agencies, interdiction and defence organisations, and multiple commercial operations.

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