HF Base Antennas

Lencom specialises in broadband HF antennas that need no tuning units.

There are thousands of these Lencom antennas in use throughout the world, giving years of reliable service.

Delta New Small                                                         Half-delta icon
                             Delta Antenna                                                                                                       Half-Delta Antenna

Delta and half-delta antennas are ideal for short to medium distances (0 – 1,000km), as they are Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) radiators.



LB025 Full Assembly Horizontal cropped                                       LB00X Inverted V 2
              3-Wire Antenna installed horizontally                                                          2-wire Antenna installed as an inverted Vee

2-wire and 3-wire folded terminated dipoles are the choice for longer range communications.



In addition, the 1003 series combine a 2-30MHz folded dipole antenna with an extremely lightweight 10m aluminium mast.

The combination weighs only 26kg in total, and can be erected quickly by one person.



02-2184-001 complete cropped

 The 2184 Near Field Probe Antenna covers the complete range of 1-35MHz with a return loss of >20dB.

Designed as a receive-only antenna in high RF fields, the 2184 has been engineered to minimise aeolian noise.



LB022 Icon 



The LB022 Long Wire Antenna is the ideal antenna for any HF Antenna Tuning Unit that can tune a 20m wire.

It can be deployed rapidly in the field, and suits permanent installations where space is limited.


LB009 with LA003

The Lencom 9.5m Vertical Whip Antennas are the perfect match for the Lencom 4006 Automatic Antenna Tuning Unit.

They are ideal for locations that provide limited room for antenna installations; ground-mount and roof-mount variants are available.

Optional earth mats are available, and highly recommended.

The complete package is short enough for transport by air.




Lencom can supply a variety of masts — please click10M LW Mast with gibbet cropped  to view the range.



Since 1984, Lencom has supplied innovative HF antennas and associated products world-wide.

The company was founded on technical innovation and has developed quality antennas for HF Radios for over twenty years.

Lencom supplies major OEM companies, whose customers include government departments, aid agencies, interdiction and defence organisations, and multiple commercial operations.

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